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Southwest Division --Chengdu

Time: 9th August – 11th August, 2016

Venue: Chengdu century city International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Concurrent with: HOTELEX Chengdu 2016


Southern China Division – Guangzhou

Time: 12th Dec – 14th Dec, 2016

Venue: Guangzhou poly World Trade Center Expo Hall 1-4

Concurrent with: HOTELEX Guangzhou 2016


Eastern China Division-Shanghai

Time: 28th March, 2017

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center


China Selection

Time: 29th March – 31st March, 2017

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Concurrent with: HOTELEX Shanghai 2017

  1. Daily Bread: With 3 kg of flour and dough fermentation method to do the following
  • 8 pieces of baguette: finished weight 250 g (+-no more than 10 g) 50-55 cm in length, not flour, 5 cut.
  • 4 long fancy baguette: 400 grams of finished products (+-not more than 10 g)
  • Remaining dough into 2 different flowers, shapes are not limited.
  1. Healthy BreadAsked to do 3 different fancy 3 kg dough, weights and shapes unlimited。
  2. Sandwiches(Use second healthy bread dough)Players must be made 10 in line with balanced diet sandwich bread; product weight must be between 200 g-250 g.
  3. Vienna crisp bread1 kg of flour products

12 bending croissants, finished weight 65 g (+-no more than 5 grams)

2 different products, product weight control between 90-100 g. Request a product made with chocolate, each 10.


Conditions of participation

People's Republic of China nationality need 25-40 years of age.

There is at least three years ' professional experience.

Participants need to bring an Assistant, Assistant shall not exceed 23 years of age (assistants are also required to submit the application form).

Registration deadline: East China February 13, 2017.

Contact phone: Miss Yu 021-33392249


To promote the development of China catering industry and Western baking techniques blend, further tap the market potential and talents of catering bakery pastry, the sixth of bread for the World Cup China Selection will be held.

In 2007, the Ambassador by bread for the World Mission in France created the World Cup bread competition which will be held biennially. The sixth World bread competition will be held in France in 2017. , important members of the Ambassador to China as the bread, bread for the World President Gino Cao, China Ambassador to declare the competition and through regional selections, and find Chinese team.

China selections will registration.

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