Company Profile

We have been in the coffee roasting market since 1927 and we are one of the historic Italian coffee roasting brands. Caffè Diemme has been run by the Dubbini family for more than eighty years, and is now at the third generation. It is a modern industrial complex where the bonds between tradition and innovation are firmly tied.

Caffè Diemme is history, passion for quality, serious customer relations, experience and professionalism acquired over many years. It is also high specialisation in the HO.RE.CA sector, preserving high quality standards, product research, training, advisory service, flexibility, customer support with dedicated marketing activities. Every day we put all our passion into our work to satisfy our customers’ expectations, as we want to have strong cooperative relations with them to develop our businesses together.

Since last year, starting from the enthusiasm of craftsmanship and through scents of the roasting, fruit and spices, we went on a journey that took us to a new range of blends and single origins. Our research begins in the country of origin, where the meticulous hands of the local farmers select fine coffee beans still wrapped inside the ripe drupe, and continues to Italy until our laboratory, where green coffee is checked by the team of Diemme tasters and roasters, analysing the organoleptic profiles in targeted cupping and work out the best suited roasting curves to create high profile blends based on single origins with specific characteristics, and select the best extraction method to bring out properties of every variety of coffee. Matteo, the roaster, and Pierpaolo, the taster, take samples to assess the output before packaging 48 hours later. Alberta, the production manager, approves the packaging stage, carefully carried out to best preserve the scents and aromas that will spread through your caffetteria.


Business type: Manufacturer/Agents

Processing and sales of main products: 'Miscela Oro' coffee blend in beans, 'Miscela Aromatica' coffee blend in beans, 'Miscela Bar Prestigio' coffee blend in beans, 'Miscela Super' ground coffee blend in tin, 'Miscela Lungo' ground coffee blend in tin, 'Gli Speciali - Ethiopia Harrar' single origin coffee in beans, 'Gli Speciali - Naturalmente Dolce' coffee blend in beans, 'Gli Speciali - Brazil Yellow Bourbon' single origin coffee in beans, 'Gli Speciali - Guatemala El Morito' single origin coffee in beans, 'Gli Speciali - Lungo' coffee blend in beans, 'Gli Speciali - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe' single origin coffee in beans.

Number of employees: 50-100

Set up time:1927

Contact person:MR.

Address:Via Battaglia 69, Albignasego (PADOVA)